4 Tips on how to hire a great concrete contractor

Concrete contractor patioTips for Hiring the Best Concrete Contractor

If you’ve decided that it’s time to give your home, office, retail space, or garage a facelift, you can’t go wrong with decorative concrete. Stamped concrete can look like any style of flooring you like. Epoxy coatings allow you to create attractive, no-slip flooring that can even incorporate a company logo and/or interesting patterns and colors.

So, if it’s time to renovate and redo your concrete floors, you’re definitely in the market for a good concrete contractor, but where can you find one? Going to the Yellow Pages or looking online will get you a lot of advertisements, and every one of them will claim to be the best in the business. How can you choose? Just follow these tips.

Why Do People Love Stained Concrete Flooring?

Stained Concrete FloorsToday, concrete stainis becoming highly popular with residential customers, and that means contractors really need to add it to their repertoire if they hope to compete. People all around the Austin, Lakeway, and Spicewood areas are looking for this option, so learning how to stain with various methods and how to offer custom options for clients is highly important.

What Makes the Stain Popular?

Contractors might be wondering just what it is that has been making concrete stain so popular over the past few years. Quite a number of things have actually played into the popularity. It tends to boil down into five different reasons though, at least for most customers.

First, people want to have a beautiful home, and concrete stain makes beautification entirely possible thanks to the sheer number of color and style options from which customers can choose. Because of the dyes available, it is possible to have nearly any color one would want or need for their home. This makes it possible to match any decorative need the customer might have, so they can match the rest of their home, inside or outside.

Best Reasons Your Customers Should Consider Concrete Resurfacing

When a concrete surface starts to look old and dirty, people start looking for concrete contractors to help them rejuvenate their flooring. Whether it is on the inside of the home or outside the home around the pool, concrete resurfacing could be just the thing that the property needs. Contractors should make sure their customers and potential customers know that resurfacing is often the better route to take rather than replacing the concrete entirely. It can give the home that new look once again in a fraction of the time that other options would take. Let’s look at some of the benefits that contractors can let their customers in Lakeway, Austin and other nearby areas know about when it comes to resurfacing concrete.

First, it’s important to make sure the customers know exactly what concrete resurfacing is. This is something of a facelift for the current concrete they have. Contractors will add an overlay to the concrete that’s already there. This layer will hide the concrete that is below and remove the appearance of chips, small cracks, and other light damage. It gives it a new look and feel.

Advantages of Stamped Concrete

Many landscapers and contractors today are well aware of stamped concrete, but they might not know about all of the advantages that it can offer to them, as well as to their customers. It can provide some truly stunning designs and styles for a variety of different outdoor features, such as the patio and walkways. It’s also becoming quite a popular option for indoor flooring. The contractor simply pours the concrete overlay, sometimes with colors or stains added, and then will add a pattern or stamp to the surface before the thin concrete topping cures. This can provide a look that’s similar to pavers, bricks, and natural stone at far less of a cost. Once a contractor understands the process, it becomes faster and easier to do. Many times, the jobs can be completed within a day or so, depending on the size.

Increase Your Curb Appeal with Quality Concrete Crack Repair in Austin

Concrete is made to be durable and strong for your walkway and driveway. However, even strong surfaces will eventually break down. As time passes, you will run into problems that demand concrete crack repair. Then your walkway or driveway will be ready for outdoor coatings that will beautify your house and yard.

Epoxy Coatings for Brilliant New Surfaces in Austin

Many concrete areas of your home, including walkways, patios and garages, take on a lot of heavy wear and foot traffic. Epoxy coating for floors is an excellent way to help in protecting it from everyday wear and tear, along with chipping or cracking. Although the end look is quite beautiful, it is also protective, and not as expensive as you might think.

Concrete with Slip Resistance

For surfaces where safety and slip resistance are a concern, like walkways, stairs or pool decks, Sundek of Austin offers textured, slip resistant concrete finishes. With Sundek of Austin’s Sundek Classic spray texture, it’s easy to add an attractive, non-slip surface texture to virtually any area.

Garage Floor Makeovers

Sundek’s garage floor coatings create durable, stain resistant, attractive garage flooring that provides a welcoming space for storage, vehicles, extra entertaining room and more. Expand your garage’s potential with garage floor coatings in Austin by Sundek of Austin.

Without a concrete coating, garage floors can quickly become stained, cracked, damaged and unattractive. Typical garage floor coatings are epoxy based, providing a heavy duty coating that will stand up to heavy traffic, harsh weather, chemicals and oils.

Where to Use Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is so versatile that it can be used virtually anywhere. From exterior patios, pool decks, walkways and driveways; to interior flooring, countertops, fireplace surrounds and even furnishings, decorative concrete makes an excellent choice.

Concrete Repair and Resurfacing

For lightly damaged, cracked, spalling or just outdated concrete, concrete resurfacing provides a complete surface makeover. This process is far less time consuming and expensive than a complete tear out and reconstruction, and produces a highly durable, attractive surface.