Best Flooring for Austin Rental Properties

Decorative concrete best choice for Austin rental properties.

Austin rental properties require durable and economical flooring that satisfy both property managers and tenants alike.  The primary concern for both parties is to have a flooring solution that wears well, is attractive and is resistant to stains. 

Traditionally, carpet and tile have populated most of the rental properties in the Austin market.  Carpeting brings with it a host of problems for property managers and tenants.  Carpet wears quickly, traffic patterns emerge, flattening the pile of the carpet.  Low quality carpet, or builder's grade carpet, is typically used in rental properties, excellerating the wear patterns. Carpet also stains.  Spills, dirty shoes, pets and children all compound the dirty appearance of worn carpeting.  Tenants with kids and pets are particularly concerned about stains that will result in a loss of their security deposit for replacement of the carpet.  Tile, the second most often used flooring in Austin rental properties, wears better than carpet, but brings its own set of challenges.  Tile is expensive and labor intensive to install.  The largest challenge with tile is the grout.  Grout must be sealed, and resealed at regular intervals, to prevent grout staining, cracking and shrinkage.  Tile floors are also difficult to repair in the event that a tile is damaged, cracked or broken. 

The best choice for Austin rental properties is decorative concrete.  Over 90% of the homes in the Austin area are constructed using slab-on-grade.  The slabs provide the ideal surface for staining, scoring and polishing to produce a durable and beautiful floor.  Even slabs that have had prior applications of other flooring can be resurfaced or overlaid to create a unique and long wearing concrete floor surface.  Decorative concrete is economical and wears extremely well.  It's sealed and nearly impervious surface resists traffic patterns, stains, scuffs and scratches.  It is ideal for tenants with pets and children.  It is also a hypo-allergenic flooring, making your property more attractive to the thousands of Austin renters that suffer from our local allergens. 

Decorative concrete flooring provides both property managers and tenants with everything they want in a floor.